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Get Christmas Ready!

If you hadn't noticed, the leaves have turned, the air is chilly and festive drinks are officially back on the menus! Winter...I mean...Christmas is coming! It's our favorite (and busiest time of year)! We want to gently remind you that if you have a particular stylist or date in mind for getting your hair Christmas ready, to book in ASAP so you wont be disappointed!

Booking appointments, What we recommend:We recommend that if you have a root colour, book in for a full root colour then the week of Christmas, have a colour touch up. This is done around the hairline & 1 inch either side of your parting.

We recommend if you have foils, do a half head of foils before Christmas, then Christmas week, have a top section done. This is done across the parting.

If you are having a work's night out or Christmas party and your hair's feeling dry and lifeless, don't worry, we can work some Christmas magic with Olaplex Bond Rebuilder. A 15 minute treatment applied just before we style your hair will help your hair back to life, making it look healthy and shiny!

Demi colour is great to use in between colour applications. For blonder locks, it'll keep them toned and looking fresh. If you've got darker or red hair, it works great to refresh your tone and vibrancy. Try CLEAR for natural hair to seal the hair and give it a lipgloss shine finish.

GentsDon’t leave it any longer than 2 weeks before Christmas to get you’re hair done if you like it looking short and sharp. Try and squeeze in your appointment to 2-3 weeks or Christmas week, book in for a tune up (within 2 weeks of your appointment, we can just tidy the outlines)

Christmas Hours

Christmas Eve 8:00am – 4:30 December 25th - 30th Closed

New Year's Eve 8:00am – 4:30

Our staff will be working extra hours before Christmas, so ask your stylist when they are working and available.

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