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Kid's hair Guide for Back-to-School

Have your little ones got the Back-to-School blues? With summer holidays over, it's an emotional time for kids and parents but we can help eliminate some of those dreaded tears by helping you prepare their hair!

Back-to-School Hair Styling

We all know kids are looking to add a little style to their school uniforms and there's no better way to do it than with these easy, go-to styles.


Try combing the hair into a ponytail using the tangle angel brush, secure with a bobble, and add a ribbon (of your school's colour, of course!) by wrapping it around the bobble and tying in bow.


Pull all of the hair to the bale of the neck, split into 3 even sections, take left section over the middle section, then the right section over the middle, repeating sequence until you reach the ends of the hair and secure with a bobble at the end. Bun

Brush the hair into a ponytail at the crown of the head, pull pony tail threw a bun ring. From the centre of the bun ring flatten hair over the bun ring and secure with bobble. With the surrounding hair, wrap around the outside of the bun ring and pin in to secure.

Bathtime Blues

Cringing at the thought of bath time when the soap inevitably runs into your little ones eyes causing a level 5 melt down? It doesn't have to be stressful, try washing their hair using Paul Mitchell's Baby Don’t Cry shampoo. It's a gentle cleanser with a neutral PH level for a tearless shampoo and a happier bath time.

Knot so Fast!

Knots are a sure fire way to make your delightful child cranky in seconds. If your child suffers with knotty hair, ouch-free detangle Taming Spray by Paul Mitchell can be your magic potion! The even better news? It can be used on dry or damp hair and helps control static. Spray into hair and brush through with a Tangle Angel brush. The Tangle Angel brush is antibacterial, anti-static, heat resistant up to 120 degrees and water resistant making it our go-to brush in the salon.

Swimming LessonsIf your staring your swimming lessons again, keep your hair tied up to avoid knotting and remember to use Paul Mitchell's Shampoo Three, which removes chlorine and impurities from the hair, followed by The Detangler conditioner to restore lost moisture.

Head Lice

The part of Back-to-School we dread the most...head lice. To help keep head lice away use a strong fragrance shampoo as they don’t like the smell on the scalp and hair.

We recommend Paul Mitchell's special Tea Tree Shampoo or AVEDA Rosemary Mint Shampoo the refreshing tingles will make you feel clean and keeps your hair smelling great.

Don't forget to bring them into Carl Keith Salon for a fresh cut to start the school year off right!

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