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Pregnancy Hair, Everything you need to know

It's no secret that a lot of things change when you're pregnant, not just your growing belly. Since those hormones are raging, your hair can change quiet a bit, so here's everything you should expect when your expecting.

Thick and Shiny

A lot of expecting mothers notice an increase in volume and shiny-ness during those long 9ish months. This is because the hair doesn't shed at the normal rate during pregnancy, allowing your hair to become thicker. As a result, some women find that their hair gets oily at the roots and dry at the ends. We recommend using Paul Mitchell's Shampoo Two which helps minimize oil production, so over time hair becomes less oily. Another perk, it has a fresh lemon fragrance!

Frame for Flattery

During pregnancy, it's not uncommon to retain a lot of water, making the face appear fuller than it usually would. We recommend when it comes to your cut & style trying face framing layers, middle parting or shaggy fringe to give you your most flattering look.

Can you Colour?

Colouring your hair during pregnancy can be a touchy subject. Some people believe it’s completely safe and still have their hair coloured, some people believe they can’t have it done or want to avoid having any colour. So what do we think? Our manufacturing guidelines do not state that we cannot colour hair during pregnancy. The only thing we would tell you is that due to hormones, your colour can either take very well and a lot quicker, not as well as normal, or sometimes your natural colour changes so if you normally have blonde highlights they can sometimes not look as bright and clean as normal. We recommend adding a low light to break up the colour.

If it’s something you are worried about speak to your GP or Midwife. If your are prone to sensitive skin or do have any medical issues we would carry out a skin test 48hrs before your appointment.

If you are really worried about having your colour done we can offer 3 services: “Off-scalp” colourHighlights & lowlights in different tones with foils which does not directly touch your scalp. Free-Hand paintingColour is painted through the mid to ends to make you feel a little brighter. Colour refreshTo keep colour looking vibrant we can use semi-permanent colour, which sits on the hair shaft and does not directly penetrate the Cortex of the hair.

Post Pregnancy Hair Don’t panic, once you’ve had your baby it can take up to 6 months for your hair to start to feel normal. During this process it can be very common to have hair loss, then you will produce a lot of new hair growth (baby hair) which can give you those "fly aways" that can be hard to tame. We recommend Paul Mitchell's “hold me tight” finishing spray which gives a long lasting hold and drys fast without stiffness. Spray this over your hair when it’s dry, whether your hair's down and styled or simply up out of your way to control those pesky fly away hairs.

Adding Olaplex

Adding Olaplex will keep the bonds in your hair strong & healthy.

Have more questions? Book a consultation with one of our stylists to help answer any questions you may have!



In addition to helping provide one million diapers, for every Kids gift set sold, Paul Mitchell® will provide a bottle of shampoo to a Baby2Baby child in need.

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