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Protecting your hair from Sun, Salt Water & Chlorine

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Summer hair SOS! Sand, sun and salt water...these are a few of our favorite things! But do you ever feel like they leave you with more than just a "sun-kissed" look? With amazing holidays on the horizon, let us help you get your hair ready for fun in the sun without the damage by sharing with you some things you maybe didn't know!

Prepped and Ready

Whether you're going on an all-inclusive holiday to a tropical island, or the local pool, it's important to prep your hair for exposure to salt water and chlorine. Salt water, chlorine and sweat draw moisture away from the hair leaving it dry, frizzy and dull (never a good look!) Try wetting your hair and applying Paul Mitchel's 'The Conditioner' leave in moisturizer before diving in so that your hair absorbs the conditioner rather than the salt water and chlorine! For coloured hair, try 'Ultimate Colour Repair Triple Rescue' to protect against the heat and keep your hair looking shiny and vibrant.

If you're looking to get your colour done before going on holiday, we suggest only getting top section foils or a touch-up on the roots only, as the sun will fade your colour. Book in an appointment to have your full foils or colour just AFTER your holiday!

#CKStylistTip: Split ends means more porous hair, making it easier for salt water and chlorine to be absorbed. Be sure to book your trim in at Carl Keith Salon BEFORE your next holiday so that your freshly trimmed hair will prevent your locks from absorbing anything that will dry it out.

Fun in the sun

Did you know that your hair can burn too?! Those powerful rays are toasting more than just your buns. Be sure to use an intensive conditioner like Paul Mitchel's 'Instant Moisture Conditioner' during your morning shower to lock in moisture and make the hair more manageable. Each time you apply sunscreen to your body, remember to reapply to your hair using Paul Mitchel's 'Super Charged Colour Protect Locking Spray', an intense hydrating treatment that boosts the hairs shine and elasticity.

#CKStylistTip: Remember to put sunscreen along your part or tie your hair back without a part to prevent your scalp from burning.

Hands off the heat!

I don't think it would be any surprise if we told you that the intense heat from your blow dryer, straighter and curing iron leads to dry and damaged hair. Give your hair a break from the heat and let it air-dry this summer. If you're looking for a little style, try applying the quick drying 'Super Sculpt' to your damp hair before braiding and let it loose in the evening for natural looking beach waves! To give your waves a little extra umph, use Awapuhi's 'Texturizing Sea Spray', giving you lush volume and defined beachy waves.

#CKStylistTip: Use your towel to gently pat dry the excess moisture from your hair. Key words "gently pat". Vigorous towel drying is very damaging to the hair.

Damage Control

While damaged hair can be a sign of a summer filled with fun in the sun, it's never a good look. For some serious rehab on your damaged hair, book in for an Olaplex treatment which will go deep into the hair shaft to repair broken bonds. This 3-step process will leave your hair looking shinier, softer and healthier.

#CKStylistTip: Try and avoid getting any coloured hair wet, whether it be in the pool or sea, especially if you have extensions or brightly coloured hair.

Fun Fact: Hair grows 10-15% faster in the summer. We recommend getting a quarter of an inch trimmed every 6 weeks to keep your hair looking it's best!

All products mentioned can be purchased from Carl Keith Salon. If you would like more information on which products may be best for your hair, don't hesitate to ask one of our knowledgable stylists at your next visit!

Don't forget to like, comment and share, because everyone deserves good hair!

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